Sleepy Hollow: Fan Fiction

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Background: Ichabod is trying to figure out how Abbie and Jenny can see demons and spirits…

Ichbabod to Abbie and Jenny: Was that day in the woods the first time you saw otherworldly beings?

Abbie: Yes

Jenny: No

Ichabod to Abbie: Which is it? Yes or no?

Abbie to Jenny: (Yelling) Jenny, stop!

Jenny to Abbie: Abbie, you can’t prevent me from telling the truth anymore. I’m free now. I’m not going back to that asylum. I’m facing this, you should too.

Abbie to Ichabod and Jenny: We don’t even know what we’ve seen. We have no proof.

Jenny to Abbie: Proof? With everything that’s going on, you still want proof?!?! This is real Abbie, this is our reality. Like it or not!

Abbie rolls her eyes and looks down.

Ichabod to Abbie: Abbie, if you want me to help you, you need to be honest.

Abbie bites her lip

Abbie to Ichabod: Look, I don’t know if it’s real or not. I found a few things at my grandparent’s place. I saw a few spirits. What difference does it make??

Ichabod to Abbie: The apocalypse Abbie. The end times make all the difference in the world…

Jenny to Abbie: Abbie, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it was before our time.

Ichabod looks inquisitively at Abbie.

Ichabod to Abbie: What happened before your time?

Abbie flashes back to her grandparent’s attic. She was a teenager. She finds a book of spells. The inscription reads “Gwedolyn Mills, spell caster, head of the Tiger Fire Coven. 1775”

Abbie to Ichabod: When I was younger, I was rummaging through my grandparent’s basement, and I found something I wished I hadn’t found.

Ichabod’s eyes widen

Ichabod to Abbie: (Breathlessly) What did you find??

Abbie to Ichabod: A book of spells.

Ichabod to Abbie: Spells?

Abbie to Ichabod: Yes, spells. And, the inscription read “Gwendolyn Mills, head of the Tiger Fire Coven, 1775.”

Ichabod to Abbie: Coven? 1775? You are the descendants of a witch??

Abbie and Jenny to Ichabod: (In unison) Yes.

Abbie to Ichabod: Well, we don’t know for sure, but it’s 99 percent likely.

Jenny to Abbie: Abbie, we know that it’s 100 percent true. How else do you explain what we’re able to see?

Ichabod to Jenny and Abbie: So, you’re witches?

Abbie takes a deep breath

Abbie to Ichabod: We’re not witches, we’re the possible descendants of a witch. My grandparents didn’t want to say anything about it, but I felt they were hiding something…

Jenny to Ichabod: I wish I was a witch, so I could make all of this stop…

Ichabod to Jenny and Abbie: I wonder if she knew Katrina?

Abbie to Ichabod: I don’t know…I did find a conjuring spell…

Jenny to Abbie: You don’t want to mess with the dark arts unless you know what you’re doing.

Abbie flashes back to the conjuring spell she read

Ichabod to Abbie and Jenny: If you both have supernatural powers, you may be even more helpful than you believe. It is starting to make sense why we have been brought together…

Abbie and Jenny look at each other questioningly…

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